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    Best Running Shoes for Beginners

    Best Running Shoes for Beginners

    With today's running shoes coming in different shapes, sizes, and levels of stability, it can be difficult to choose the right pair for you. You'll find shoes that provide almost no support to those that are designed to provide maximum support. All of this can be overwhelming for a beginner looking for the best running sneakers. To help you figure out the right choice for you, check out our following guide.

    How do Your Feet Move?

    Neutral/Pronation - This type of runner's feet turn slightly inward as they hit the ground. Basic pronation is actually a good thing as it's a trait of neutral, biomechanically efficient runners. This allows your body, particularly your knees, to absorb shock. Overpronation - This type of runner's feet roll too far inward, which means the foot and ankle cannot properly stabilize the runner's body. This type of running gait can leave a runner at risk of knee pain and injury as shock is not efficiently absorbed. Overpronators typically have low or flat arches and the best shoe for them are typically either a stability shoe or a motion control shoe depending on the severity of their overpronation. Supination - Instead of rolling inward, the runner's feet roll outward which causes the impact of the heel striking the ground to be concentrated on a smaller portion on the lateral side of the foot. Supinators typically have high arches. The best shoe for a supinator are neutral cushioned shoes.

    Types of Running Shoes

    Running shoes fall into the following main categories - minimal, neutral, stability, and motion control. Minimalist shoes, also known as barefoot shoes, have the least support and cushioning. They allow your feet work naturally, encouraging a midfoot strike unlike traditional running shoes which encourage a heel strike. The main difference between barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes is the drop or difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe. Barefoot shoes have a zero drop from heel to toe, where as minimalist shoes have a heel drop of 4 - 8 mm. Neutral shoes are designed for runners with neutral pronation as well as supination. These shoes are often lighter than other models, have midsole cushioning, with little to no medial support. Supinators will want a neutral shoe with maximum midsole cushioning to provide additional shock absorption that's lacking for a pronation gait. Stability shoes usually have some medial support as well as good midsole cushioning which allows the shoe to support the foot, ankle, and arch to prevent overpronation when running. Motion control shoes are designed for runners with severe overpronation. These shoes provide maximum cushioning and have a dual density midsole to provide extra support on the medial side. These shoes are also good for heavier runners who are looking for extra support and durability.  

    Running Shoe Categories

    From running and hiking to Crossfit and cycling, running shoes can fall into the following categories: Road shoes are generally lightweight to encourage speed and responsiveness while running on pavement or surfaces with slight irregularities. The treads are usually thin as the need for tractions while hitting the pavement is minimal. Trail shoes are typically heavier than road running shoes and designed to support and protect the foot on rugged terrain. These shoes usually feature durable soles with aggressive treads for stability and support while you run over rocks, roots, sticks, and other outdoor obstacles. Cross-training shoes are built around providing stability to the ankle for better protection during forward and lateral movement. These shoes are for the gym and cross-fit enthusiast, looking to seamlessly transition from doing a light jog on the treadmill to squatting and lunging.

    Best Women's Running Shoes for Beginners

    Defyance 5 is a neutral shoe with a good amount of cushioning and flexibility, making it the perfect shoe for a beginner looking to protect their feet. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is a stability running shoe, making it good for runners with moderate overpronation. It has a no-sew breathable upper mesh with stiched-on overlays for structural support. The shoe is lightweight and provides great shock absorption due to the U4ic (pronounced euphoric) midsole and the wave plate technology Ryka Illusion 2 has a memory foam footbed and soft cushioning to help beginners ramp up their mileage. Saucony Triumph ISO is a neutral shoe that will have you feeling like you're running on air due to its signature PWRGRID+ technology which provides some plush cushioning and maximum impact protection. Saucony Kinvara TR2 is a lightweight, minimalist shoe that is great for the neighborhood park or for going off road on novice trails. The TR2 features nubs near the heel to help grip the earth for tighter navigation and traction on tricky trail terrain. While there isn't a lot of padding, the FlexFilm upper is stretchy and forgiving.

    Best Men's Running Shoes for Beginners

    Nike Zoom Vomero 9 is a good beginners shoe for neutral and supinators. There are mesh panels in the upper for breathability and a heel crash pad for impact protection. Lightweight and responsive cushioning makes these great for the road. ASICS Gel Kayano 21 comes with ASICS GEL-Cushioning technology to help with shock absorption as well as DuoMax in the midsole to help with stability and support. The Heel Clutching System will help keep your foot in place, making this perfect for mild to moderate overpronators. Merrell Mix Master 2 is great for anyone looking to get into the minimalist movement while running on trails. It has a thinner midsole to keep your foot to the ground while providing extra cushioning in the heel. They have great ventilation to let the heat out as well as let the shoe dry out quickly after running through some puddles. Inov-8 F-lite 195 is a very lightweight and flexible shoe, while still providing incredible stability via the Met-Cradle webbing along the medial and lateral arches. The shoe also comes with a shred-resistant rope tec outsole to face any extreme fitness challenges you may encounter while doing cross-fit. Saucony Triumph 11 is a neutral shoe equipped with a full-length PowerGrid midsole for cushioned comfort. There's a breathable upper mesh that comes with HydraMAX moisture-wicking collar lining to reduce any sweaty stank. With a very thick outsole rubber, this shoe is sure to last quite a while. Investing in a quality sneaker will help keep you comfortable, injury-free, and ready to transition into heavier mileage, whether that's on the road or on a trail.

    3rd Yaeyama Trail Run in Uenohara 第3回八重山トレイルレース大会2015年6月14日

    3rd Yaeyama Trail Run in Uenohara


    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dBivj9cAU0&feature=youtu.be[/embed] Two weeks ago on June 14th, I woke up at 4:00AM. I had a quick bite for breakfast, hopped on my old mountain bike and headed to our train station. I left my mountain bike at the best spot in the bike parking (no one up yet) and caught one of the first trains into Tokyo at 4:48AM. Once in Tokyo, I took the very first train out of Tokyo. We were headed to the mountains in the west of Tokyo where the urban landscape gives way to beautiful mountain scenery. West Tokyo is popular for living and the close access to these mountains is a very big selling point. For us in north of Tokyo, we had a long trip to make. The trains in Japan run right on time and I had about four minutes to make my transfer. With the transfer done, I could slowly nod off on the train until our final stop at Uenohara which was more than one hour away. However, at Shinjuku party animals and early trail runners all boarded the train. Every seat was filled and the lady next to me reeked of booze. What a trip. We switched to a local line and made it to Uenohara at 6:47am just in time to catch our 6:50 bus to the starting line. We arrived and checked in. As a souvenir I got some cool Japanese mustard which is fun to look at but I don't like the taste. We could have gotten miso, mustard, or a standard race T-shirt. Very nice to have a choice. We changed and put our bags away. After the long morning train ride I just had to take a dump. I did not want to start the race before heading to the bathroom. I ran across the street to find a line stretching down the hill and further. Wow. I lined up. The line went slowly. I waited for 30 minutes before finally getting my turn. I finished my business at 7:57, filled up my water reservoir, and ran to the starting line. I saw my friend (who would go on to claim 10th place - Good job Eric!) lined up in front. I headed to the middle of the pack. Bang! We were off. YaeyamaTrailRunBrochure Every race start fills with me with enthusiasm as we all start this challenge - the 3rd Yaeyama Trail Run near the train station of Uenohara. Today's race was going to be an easy one, or so I mistakenly thought. The race is "just" 38km and had a couple of "minor hills". The train up to the race certainly looked like very large mountains. YaeyamaTrailRunStartingLine I started the race off keeping up with the pack at a good pace. The front line was basically a sprint and I didn't see them again. Within the first 1km we all tapered onto a narrow trail head. The trail could only fit two people side by side. Basically our position in the race was determined for quite a while now. If you are fast, you had better be up front early in the this race. Within about 2km the run slowly turned to a slow walk. We hit our first hill which I had assumed would be flat. The line slowly disappeared and we were running again up a shallow hill. I rang the first bell tower on the top of the first hill. Actually, I didn't ring it...nuts...how did I mess that up? The video below is a slight of hand movie editing. I would be looking forward to this bell tower later in the race. Once down from this hill we hit a small road and ran to the first rest stop. I had a quick drink and a banana. I was mostly fueling up on the gels that I brought with me. In any case something in my stomach was still not feeling well from the morning and I had trouble getting my energy up. As we approached the first mountain, two grandma's handed out lucky charms to everyone in the race. When entering the mountains this lucky charm would protect us runners. The touch was very thoughtful and I loved how the local community came out to support us. This mountain was one of two in the race. The race also had a series of hills that turned out to be quite tough. The race was basically all up and down with very little flat portions. The mountains in Japan are certainly tough. This first mountain completely destroyed me. I walked the entire way down, which was embarassingly slow. One racer asked me if I was actually participating or not. She mentioned we had 30 minutes to run before the gate closed. Wow...I thought I could easily make the 22km cut-off at with 4 hours into the race. This race was not going well for me. I found some energy and slowly jogged to the cutoff point. Surprisingly I passed the cut-off with just two minutes to spare. I had some sliced lemon which gave me a serious energy boost. I also added some VAM to my water reservoir which also gave me a great kick. The short course was finished at this gate and there were buses waiting to shuttle people back. I could have easily just hopped on one of these buses and called the day quits. BUT... I had a video to make. How embarassing if my video was cut short? Somehow I found the motivation to tackle the next 16km of the race. I knew having made the middle cut-off with just two minutes to spare that I had a lot of time to catch up on. I hit the second mountain hard. I didn't run but I also didn't stop going up the mountain one step at a time. I passed person after person. At the false top of the mountain people were lying flat on the ground from exhuastion. They looked like they really regretted coming on this second half and still had half a mountain to climb. I kept going with a slow but steady step. I only walked the uphills and ran every other part. I kept passing more and more people. Being in the back at least gave me the chance to pass people. I am not the fasted runner...yet. We finished the second mountain and I still had energy in me. I don't know what happened, but this second half was going much smoother for me. I rested a short break at the water stop and kept going. I asked for the time from one runner since my iPhone was in my backpack and I mistakenly thought was out of battery. . He said we had one hour left with 6km and one more hill left before the cut-off. I couldn't believe it! I thought I had been going much faster. We ran together until the trailhead for the next hill. I found some strange energy to just tackle these uphills. I can't run fast downhill, but was doing very well on the uphills. Again I passed quite a few people. I made it to the top and kept going. I knew these hills were full of false peaks and was searching for that bell tower. I asked for the time from a group of runners. My friend before was mistaken. We didn't have just one hour, but actually 1.5 hours left. We had a shot of finishing this race. I still had 30 minutes to finish the downhill portion to the finish line. I ran my slow and steady pace and started to remember the trail from the morning. I saw the hill with the long toilet line and crossed the street to the finish. I had finished with a time of 7 hours 18 minutes! I was so happy to cross this finish line!! I had just 12 minutes to spare before the race was over. I happily claimed my towel and record! I just finished a very difficult race with some steep mountains. The course is very challenging and is almost entirely on trails in the mountains. These mountains have short ridge lines, steep inclines and steep descents. Your muscles get worn out very quickly and you have trouble making up your time on the short flat sections. I thought I would easily finish this race within 5-6 hours. I was deeply humbled and will be better prepared for the next race. Trail running is awesome! YaeyamaTrailRun-Certificates Runbell was great for trail running as a bear bell that doesn't ring constantly and to warn hikers with a fair amount of warning before passing. Since this train run was a race we didn't come across many hikers, but for other trail running (especially in Japan) Runbell is definitely useful. Hikers who also tend to be older have been complaining more and more lately. Runbell will start promoting and trail races and we'll report back with results of how that goes.

    Race Overview:

    Webpage of the Race: http://yaeyama-trail.com/

    Long Course

    Total Distance Covered: 38.55km Total Altitude Change: 2635 m

    Short Course

    Total Distance Covered: 22.86km Total Altitude Change: 1443 m  

    Essential Nighttime Running Gear

    Essential Nighttime Running Gear to Help You Be Seen and Heard

    With the summer heat beating down, some runners may find the best time to run is when the sun sets and the light is somewhere between a dusky blue and a midnight black. It's at this time that hopefully some of the summer heat and humidity has diminished, allowing for better performance. However, being able to run at peak isn't the only thing to consider for those that prefer running during nighttime. Another key element to running at night is to ensure that you're safe by being visible to drivers and other athletes alike. That means wearing neon colored or other visibility enhancing fabrics as well as carrying identification with you. From shoes to clothing to accessories, our list of gear will light your way and help to keep you safe from dusk to dawn. You may want to consider several pieces of gear to maximize your visibility.

    Nathan Strobe Light

    Price: $9.99 - Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 with 383 reviews
     NathanStrobeLight The Nathan Strobe Light is a small, lightweight solution that will ensure that you're seen while logging those nighttime miles. The LED bulbs cast even, white light and can be set in two modes - constant on and strobe mode which is bright and fast - in either case you won't be missed. Because it's equipped with LED light bulbs, you can expect a long battery life to the tune of over 100 hours of illumination. The Nathan Strobe Light also comes with a secure clip so that you can attach it easily to your clothing, belt, or just about anything that you'd want to clip it to. It's also water-resistant making it perfect for any weather condition.

    Nathan Light Spur

    Price: $17.36 - Amazon Rating: 4/5 with 73 reviews
    NathanLightSpur The Light Spur clips easily to the heel of your shoes. Just like the Nathan Strobe Light, it has two modes; solid, streaming light or flashing, strobe-like light. In either case you'll be clearly visible while training in low-level light. The one complaint that some people have is that for some reviewers, the spur doesn't stay on most likely due to the shoe type. It would appear that this would work best with shoes that have a solid heel for the spur to grab onto which means most minimalist shoes probably won't be a good fit for this product.

    ASICS FujiTrail Hoodie

    Price: $41.00 - Amazon women/Amazon men Rating: 4.5/5 with 2 reviews
    ASICSFujiTrailHoodie For runs when there isn't much sunlight and it's a bit chilly, the FujiTrail Hoodie is perfect to keep you visible with its 360 degree reflectivity as well as warm. The fit is slim but not body hugging and the hoodie will cover your forehead if you want it to. Additionally, it comes with a zippered chest pocked and two envelope side pockets, making it perfect to stash your keys, ID and any other small items.

    Nike Men's Dri-Fit Reflective Running Shorts

    Price: $30.00+ - Amazon Rating: 4.0/5 with 12 reviews
    Whether you're running day or night, these shorts are great for runners. They have mesh inserts and are made of Dri-FIT fabric to help sweat evaporate and keep you dry. The shorts also have a fitted-media player pocket and have reflective stripes at the side. NikeMensDriFitShorts

    ASICS Women's Everysport II Short

    Price: $15.00+ - Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 with 52 reviews
    NikeLadiesDriFitShorts The fabric is thin and made with stretch microfiber fabric so that they fit your legs close without feeling like they're being bearhugged. They have 100% moisture transfer liner to help keep you dry as well as mesh panels to ensure breathability and comfort. Reflective elements on the sides for added visibility.

    Tuvizo Reflective Vest

    Price: $15.99 - Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 with 371 reviews
    TuvizoReflectiveVest The Tuvizo Reflective Vest is easy to slip onto any top, it's fully adjustable, lightweight and offers reflectiveness for the torso area, making it a great gift for any runner that likes nighttime runs.

    Nightlife Mesh Cap

    Price: $24.00, on sale now for $15.00 - Brooks Running Rating: 4.5/5 with 14 reviews
    NightlifeMeshCap Great stitching on this hat and well constructed, this hat is great for both day and night. During the day, wear this hat to block the sun. At night, the silver lining on this mesh hat will shine when hit with light coming from a car's headlight, making it safer for you during a run at night. Another great thing about this hat is because it's made of mesh, it's quite breathable and the material wicks away sweat quite well so it'll dry out quickly for your next run.

    Merrell Mix Master Move 2

    Price: $75.00+ - Amazon women/Amazon men Rating: 4.5/5 with 7 reviews
    MerrellMixMasterMove Great for both the road and trail running, the Merrell Mix Master has a breathable mesh, is lightweight and provides very good support and shock absorption for your feet. Not only that, but it's vegan friendly footwear! The shoes comes with reflective details for increased visibility in low light. The Mix Master Move truly is a perfect shoe for anyone looking to transition from a beefy supportive shoe to something that's more minimalist.

    ASICS Gel-Excite 2

    Price: $40.00+ - Amazon women/Amazon men Rating: 4.5/5 with 923 reviews
    ASICSGelExcite The ASICS Gel-Excite 2 have upper mesh for breathability and the Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System to help with shock absorption upon impact. These sneakers are affordable, durable, comfortable and have reflective materials help keep you visible in low-light conditions.

    Lock Laces Reflective Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

    Price: $9.99 - Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 with 327 reviews
    LockLacesShoelaces Don't you just hate when your shoe laces come undone during a run? Thankfully, with Lock Laces, you no longer have to double knot your laces or make a pit stop to tie them again. The Lock Laces are basically an upgrade for your shoe laces. They use a bungee-style chord design that you custom fit to your sneaker and then lock into place with a patented locking system so that you never have to tie your sneakers again. They're water resistant, fit any style and size of sneaker, and most importantly are reflective, making them a perfect addition for the night.

    Road ID

    Price: $19.99 and up - RoadID Rating: not available
    RoadID Don't feel like bring your license with you? Wear a Road ID which has your contact information in case anything happens to you while on a run. The Road ID 's main band consists of a nylon material that's comfortable against your skin and washable in case you smell it up with your sweat. Additionally, two strips of 3M Scotchlite reflective material are stitched into band to help reflect oncoming light and provide additional visibility in low light situations. If you carry your phone with you while running, then you can additionally, or instead, download the free Road ID app which will display your emergency contact info even in a situation where your phone is locked. The app also comes with a feature called eCrumb (iTunes/Android) that allows your family or friends to track you during a run.


    Price: $25.00 - Amazon Rating: 5/5 with 9 reviews
    GoldRunbell-Top The latest must-have fitness accessory for urban runners as written by Outside. The Runbell is lightweight, adjustable to fit all hand sizes and stylish. It features a higher quality brass bell to create a loud, but pleasant ring that will alert any runners along the way at night.

    Participate in Runbell's Summer Video Contest

    Participate in Runbell's Summer Video Contest

    Share your videos and photos with us for a chance to win great prizes. We are proud to announce the summer Runbell video contest! RunbellSummerVideo-04 Show us through video how you use or would use a Runbell!
    • Do you use Runbell to navigate the urban jungle?
    • Do you use Runbell on mountain trails?
    • Do you use Runbell to train your dog?
    • Do you use Runbell at the grocery store?
    Enter simply by:
    1. Uploading your video/photo on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag#RunbellVideo
    1. Then go to the following link: Runbell Video Contest
    Join the Contest!

    Great Prizes!

    Prize for winners: Runbell Running Shirt made from high quality technical fabric + Exclusive Kickstarter Runbell + a brand new Runbell 2.0 The number of prizes depends on the amount of entries we get. Enter now for a better chance of winning! More details coming soon.

    Schedule - June 11th to July 31st

    June 11th - Starting Date! July 9th - First Prize Round July 23rd - Second Prize Round July 31st - Final Selection for Grand Prize We have allowed enough time to get your video and photos worked out, but submit early for a better chance of winning!

    Runbell's Summer Video Contest


    Participate in Runbell's Summer Video Contest Share your videos and photos with us for a chance to win great prizes.

    We are proud to announce a video contest to everyone interested in Runbell. Show us through video how you use or would use a Runbell! 
    • Do you use Runbell to navigate the urban jungle?
    • Do you use Runbell on mountain trails?
    • Do you use Runbell to train your dog?
    • Do you use Runbell at the grocery store?

    Participate Here: http://woobox.com/xiug3w

    Great Prizes!

    Grand Prize: Runbell Running Shirt made from high quality technical fabric + Exclusive Kickstarter Runbell + a brand new Runbell 2.0 Runner Up Prize: Exclusive Kickstarter Runbell All Participants: Coupon for $10 off Runbell website The number of prizes depends on the amount of entries we get. Enter now for a better chance of winning! More details coming soon.

    Schedule - June 11th to July 31st

    June 11th - Starting Date! June 25th - First Prize Round July 9th - Second Prize Round July 23rd - Third Prize Round July 31st - Final Selection for Grand Prize We have allowed enough time to get your video and photos worked out, but submit early for a better chance of winning!